Why So Many Opinions About God?

07.26.17 | Devotional | by Dr. Ben Taylor

Why So Many Opinions About God?

    2 Samuel 22: 26-28


    I have often heard it said that ideas have consequences.  No idea has greater consequences than one’s ideas about God.  Your understanding of God will affect every aspect of your life.  This will influence the way you interpret yourself, others, and the whole world.  Isn’t evolution rooted in a view of God that is based in belief in a “closed universe” into which God or a god cannot act?  All of the issues of the day are based in variant interpretations of the nature of God and His role in the world.  So, this is a vitally important issue.


    King David lets us in on a radical truth that God is viewed differently by people because God shows Himself to people differently.  This chapter in 2 Samuel is greatly reminiscent of the Psalms, especially the Psalms that praise and extol the power and deliverance of God.  David is singing to God and celebrating the victories that God had given him over his enemies.  God had rescued him from strong enemies, those who were too mighty for him.  God was His support, who gave him strength and skill.  David also rejoiced in his righteousness which was expressed in his walking in God’s statutes and rules and seeking to live a blameless life.  The Scriptures do indeed tell us that God is a rewarder of those who seek Him.  There are many wonderful blessings that God gives to us as we walk in His ways.  These blessings are rooted in God’s faithfulness and grace as He does NOT reward us according to our sin and iniquities through the atonement of Jesus.  So, we should all be motivated by God’s steadfast love toward us to walk in His ways and counsel.


    David is informing us that because he sought to walk in God’s ways, God showed Himself to David as merciful, blameless, and pure.  Interestingly enough David shows us that our view of God can be greatly influenced by our obedience or lack thereof.  Isn’t it true that as you walk in God’s counsel and according to His Law of liberty you begin to understand God more and you see His mercies through the mercy that He is extending to you?  Our view of God is greatly influenced by the disposition of our hearts and whether we are worshipping and serving God.  For, if we live crookedly, or contrary to God’s revealed ways, God will seem crooked and even tortuous. 


    Is it any wonder that those who do not love God or serve God see Him as being much less than He actually is?  For us as believers we will see God through very distorted lenses if we walk in a manner not pleasing to Him.  We will not enjoy Him if we walk in the stubbornness of what seems right to us rather than what God teaches.  So, if you find yourself dealing with bitterness and anger toward God you must deal with God and repent of your disobedience and failure to worship Him with integrity of heart.