The Seduction of Sin

03.18.17 | Devotional | by Dr. Ben Taylor

Proverbs 5

Proverbs is a part of that portion of Scripture that we call the Wisdom Books. This chapter begins with the call to walk in wisdom, especially as applied to standing firm against sexual temptation. The Preacher here is exhorting his son to understand the seductiveness of sexual sin and its dire consequences. The seductress, the forbidden woman, speaks seductively as if honey were dripping from her lips. Yet, in the end her words are bitter, they cut, and they ultimately lead on the path to hell. Strong words from the father to his son that must be heeded.

In addition to this warning the father (Solomon) instructs his son concerning the beauty of marriage and the blessing of finding joy and satisfaction with one's spouse. He says to rejoice in the wife of your youth and to find delight in her love. Solomon even says that one should be intoxicated with the love of one's wife rather than the intoxication of the seductress. It is God's beautiful plan for us to find covenant companions with whom we are to grow spiritually, socially, emotionally, and physically. It is in this lifelong commitment that we find fulfillment as opposed to the very short-term satisfaction that one might find with the seductress.

The Preacher tells his son that a prime motivation for standing firm against sexual sin is that our ways are always before the Lord and He ponders all our paths. God's full knowledge of all that we do is both a source of great comfort and necessary challenge. We all live "Coram Deo," in the full presence of God. He sees all and knows all and He is able to fully scrutinize our lives on all levels. Such knowledge should lead us to trust God and walk in His ways.

It is truly sad to consider even how many pastors and other church leaders have seen their ministries completely derailed because of sexual sin. In many of these cases the leaders thought they could not be tempted in this area and they became lax and vulnerable. Thankfully, the Scriptures are very honest about the nature of this sin and temptation and it warns us about its seduction and dangers to the soul. It is truly a good Father who loves us enough to steer us toward the path of life and away from the path of death. May God lead us to find deep heart satisfaction in walking in His ways.