Our Hiding Place

04.21.17 | Devotional | by Dr. Ben Taylor

Psalm 32

God sees all and knows all. He knows what we are going to do before we do it. He even sees the motivations of our hearts. So, it comes as no surprise that when it comes to the thought of our standing before God and giving an account for what we have done, most people express fear and dread. But, David here expresses a very different attitude. He speaks in terms of blessing when it comes to standing before God. Why?

David says that there is certainly a group of people who will stand before God with joy. They are joyful because they stand before God blameless. Their sins are covered. They stand before God without having anything that God would hold against them. They stand before God with integrity and without deceit because of God's grace and forgiveness. These are people who live in the joy of sins forgiven.

This reality is obviously something that David had to learn through adverse circumstances. By this, I mean that there was a time in which David did not freely come to God and confess his sins. Maybe he was afraid of God's wrath or rejection. When he refused to come before God in this way his life was greatly affected. He suffered spiritually and emotionally. He uses the analogy of his bones wasting away. This is the picture of someone who has lost all vitality and purpose. Thankfully, David learned that he could come boldly and shamelessly before God and confess his sins. David found forgiveness and restoration of his vitality and joy.

David learned something that is very significant for all of us. David learned and teaches us that the safest place in the universe, when it comes to dealing with sin, is in the very presence of God. God desires truth from our inmost being. He is a refuge and a source of strength and protection. He is our hiding place. God delivers us and delivers us from trouble. Steadfast love surrounds the man and woman who trusts in the Lord.

Because of the greatness, grace, and mercy of God, we should be easily led by His Spirit. We should not be as the mule that has to be led around by a bit and bridle. We should be malleable in the hands of the Potter. Let us be glad in the Lord and shout for joy for His deliverances!