Live Like You Are Resurrected

07.07.17 | Devotional | by Dr. Ben Taylor

John 11:21-26

The Scriptures teach us that foolishness is wrapped up in the heart of a child.  So, our job as parents is to raise them in the fear and nurture of the Lord and train and discipline them so as to become mature and equipped laborers in the Kingdom of God.  How many times, as parents, have we had to counsel our children not to live as if they were the center of the universe?  This lesson must be continually learned even by adults.  Yes, believe it or not, there is a much bigger story being written in history than our own autobiographies!

Martha, a friend of Jesus, was distraught with grief over the death of her brother.  Jesus knew about it but He showed up about 4 days after the death of Lazarus.  So, in Martha’s eyes, Jesus, her friend, was really late.  Martha heard that Jesus was coming and she met him and SHE REBUKED JESUS!  “If you had been here, my brother would not have died.” Really?  How could she have known that?  How does she know what Jesus would have done?  I mean, Jesus did not preach to all people and He did not heal everyone.  Well, she knew that God would give to Jesus whatever He asked.  Besides being her friend, she also knew that Jesus was Lord.  So, wouldn’t it be reasonable to assume that Jesus would do what she thought He should do?

Jesus is the perfect counselor and He knows exactly what we need to know at given times and seasons in our lives.  With Mary, as described later in the passage, Jesus wept.  Mary needed His tears.  Martha needed truth.  Jesus gave her insight into an incredible truth!  Jesus let Martha know that something much bigger is going on that is so big, her desires cannot even begin to contain what is going on.  Martha needed to know that God’s dreams are much bigger and better than her own.

Jesus comforted Martha with the reality of resurrection.  However, Jesus added a powerful twist to Martha’s understanding.  Resurrection is not only about the future, which it is.  No, it is also about the present.  How do we know this?  We know this because Jesus told her, “I am the resurrection and the life…Do you believe this?” Resurrection is not just a future event; IT IS A PERSON! 

So, guess what?  If you are in Christ as evidenced by faith, repentance, and trust INTO Jesus, you are tasting the life to come now!  You are a new creation now!  You are resurrected with Christ now and seated in heavenly places.  As the popular country song said, “Live Like You’re Dying,” we as believers should say, LIVE LIKE SOMEONE RAISED FROM THE DEAD!