Last Words

07.31.17 | Devotional | by Dr. Ben Taylor

Last Words

    I Kings 2:1-4

    If you knew that your time of death were drawing near, what would you like your last words to be?  Of course, none of us knows what the future holds; however, how you answer this question reveals what really matters to you.  Years ago I did an exercise to help me write out a mission statement for my life.  The exercise was centered on what I would want various people to say at my funeral:  my wife, my children, my congregation, etc.  This funeral test is intended to show us what matters most to us in terms of our relationships.  It shows where our hearts truly are.


    Here is King David.  His time was drawing near.  He was about to “go the way of all the earth,” which is death.  He was speaking to his son, Solomon, as he was about to take over his duties and calling as king.  At a moment such as this we get great insight into David’s heart.  He tells his son to be strong and to be a man who walks before the Lord with integrity by walking in His Law and commands.  David tells Solomon that this is the key to prosperity.  While the word prosperity can refer to many types of blessings, David’s primary concern is that of Solomon prospering in the wisdom and the character of God.


    David stuck to the basics.  David stuck to the fundamentals.  I have found that when life gets hard and confusing, I need to go back to what I know to be true, the vary basics of faith in Christ.  A wise pastor who was leading a funeral for a child who had died, encouraged the congregation to focus on what they knew to be true as they dealt with those myriads of questions with which they were struggling at such a time as this.  I always go back to the cross and the finished, sealed, work of Christ for me.  This brings more clarity to my thinking.


    David did not just focus on Solomon, but he also focused on his continued progeny through Solomon.  He reminded Solomon of the need for Solomon’s sons to walk before the Lord with integrity as well.  David said they must be full of care as to how they live and pay close attention to their lives and walk before the Lord with integrity and faithfulness.  David reminded Solomon that God wants whole-souled, whole-hearted obedience.  David connected their faithfulness with walking in God’s promise that David would not lack a descendant on the throne.  Ultimately, this was fulfilled in Jesus, our eternal King and earthly descendant of David. 


    So, never lose sight of the basics of the faith and be faithful with all your heart to the Father because He is eternally faithful.  This is the path of strength, courage, and true prosperity.