God is My Hope

05.18.17 | Devotional | by Dr. Ben Taylor

Psalm 71:1-6

As with many Psalms, we find the writer crying out to God for deliverance from enemies and those seeking to do him harm. At such times it truly matters as to how we see God. Rather than complaining and grumbling, the Psalmist comes to God, seeks after Him, acknowledging that God is his refuge, hope, and salvation. Like Paul in the New Testament, the Psalmist believes in and trusts in his ultimate deliverance from God. We can always know that we will be delivered by God one way or another.

We will note two things from this passage. First of all, the Psalmist says that he will CONTINUALLY come to God as his refuge. A refuge is a place of rest from trouble and danger. For those of us as followers of Christ, this refuge is always available because God IS our refuge. Remember that God's presence fills the whole universe. He does not simply just show up. He is always here.

Amazingly, God as our refuge is available in the midst of trouble and strife. We can find rest and peace in the midst of chaos. We don't have to wait for the crisis to be over. We can CONTINUALLY go to the One who is our refuge and strength, who is a VERY present help in time of trouble.

Secondly, the Psalmist refers not simply to having hope in God. No, He says that God IS his hope. There are many places in Scripture where such claims are made. Not only does God save, but He IS our salvation. Not only does God give us His righteousness, but He IS our righteousness. Not only does Jesus lead us to be resurrected, He IS our resurrection.

Whenever I read such statements I feel as if steel is being added to my faith. Not only does God give me everything I need, but He IS all I need. IN Him, I have all that I need for life and godliness. In His Person is my confidence, hope, strength, salvation, and resurrection. So my faith must not simply seek to believe that all of this is true; no, I must simply trust IN Him because all that I need is in Him.

Our faith must rest in the reality of all that God is. I don't have to try to convince myself of the need for hope in order to persevere. I simply have to trust in God's promises, Person, and power. He is big enough.