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Eternal Comfort and Good Hope

04.10.17 | Devotional | by Dr. Ben Taylor

II Thessalonians 2:13-17 In this section of his letter Paul is having to deal with false teaching concerning the return of Christ. There were those who were purporting that Jesus had already returned, which was causing much disturbance of mind and ...

Put God Before You


Psalm 16 As he does with many of the psalms he wrote, David proclaims the fact that God is his refuge. The presence of God is the place where he finds protection, peace, and rest. He also acknowledges that God is His King and that apart from God ...

Dealing with the Foolish

04.08.17 | Devotional | by Dr. Ben Taylor

Proverbs 26:1-5 The Scriptures describe the fact that the essence of foolishness is to say that there is no God.  This is true because God has made the knowledge of Himself "manifest," which means abundantly clear.  God continues to ...

God's Will

04.07.17 | Devotional | by Dr. Ben Taylor

I Thessalonians 4:1-8 Do you know how to conduct your life in a way that pleases God? Paul taught these believers in Thessalonica exactly how this was to be done. The pursuit of God's pleasure rather than our own is the essence of true godliness ...

Faith and Affliction

04.06.17 | Devotional | by Dr. Ben Taylor

I Thessalonians 3 The Apostle Paul was not only a man of superior intellect but he was also a man of great compassion, who was willing to go to great lengths in order to help and encourage those whom the Holy Spirit had enabled him to reach with ...

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