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Sowing and Growing

02.01.17 | Devotional | by Dr. Ben Taylor

Mark 4 The so-called parable of the sower could be called the parable of the soils since the focus of the parable is the variation in the land onto which the seed is thrown. These various "hearts" into which the seed falls communicates why there ...

Jesus Satisfied God's Wrath

01.31.17 | Devotional | by Dr. Ben Taylor

Romans 3:21-26 In this passage we find teaching and argumentation that have been greatly disputed for one reason or another. What is so controversial here? Paul has devoted 1:18–3:20 to demonstrating that all of the human race, Jews and ...

Joy and Fasting

01.30.17 | Devotional | by Dr. Ben Taylor

Mark 2 Amongst many Jews of Jesus' day prayer and fasting were the most common acts of religious devotion. So when Jesus’ disciples seemed a little indifferent to the act of fasting, it was bound to create interest. The Pharisees fasted; the ...

Coincidence? I Think Not!

01.29.17 | Devotional | by Dr. Ben Taylor

Esther 6 Esther 6:1 makes a statement that seems fairly nebulous but is actually pregnant with meaning: "that night the king could not sleep." Are we supposed to think this is an accident? Both the Bible and history offer countless ...

With Us To The Very End

01.28.17 | Devotional | by Dr. Ben Taylor

Matthew 28 In the closing sentence of Matthew 28 we find an amazing statement and promise: “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." This promise of Jesus being WITH us is a promise made throughout Scripture. God was ...

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