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Live Like You Are Resurrected

07.07.17 | Devotional | by Dr. Ben Taylor

John 11:21-26 The Scriptures teach us that foolishness is wrapped up in the heart of a child.  So, our job as parents is to raise them in the fear and nurture of the Lord and train and discipline them so as to become mature and equipped...

God Stretches Our Faith

07.05.17 | Devotional | by Dr. Ben Taylor

I CORINTHIANS 10:1-15 I am sure that you have heard or been told the saying that God will not give us more than we can handle. There is just enough truth in this statement to be dangerous. Usually, when someone has told me this principle they...

Rejoice in Being Known

07.02.17 | Devotional | by Dr. Ben Taylor

I Corinthians 8:1-3             How much do you really know about anything?  In terms of percentages, how much of all reality do you know?  In terms of your area of expertise...

God Forbid

07.01.17 | Devotional | by Dr. Ben Taylor

I Samuel 26:8-12 What would you do if the one person in the world who had it out for you was before you in a very vulnerable position? In your heart do you live by the rule that says, “No grudges, just get even!” What if that person...

Lose Your Life

06.30.17 | Devotional | by Dr. Ben Taylor

Matthew 10:26-39 In this section of Scripture, Jesus challenges us with the cost of following Him, or the cost of discipleship. Jesus tells us that we must count the cost in order to follow Him. In the large scheme of things such costs are...

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